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January 30, 2019

When Does Your Commercial Roof Need Inspecting?

mag-glass-medium-getty-30621-925693186Your commercial roof has a big job to do: protecting your inventory and equipment and ensuring your workplace stays safe and dry is a must if your business is going to run effectively. Taking a proactive stance on your roof's condition can help you spot problems early and ensure that your property and inventory are never at risk. While each roof and structure are different, here are some key times and situations to have a pro take a look at your roof:

Spring and Fall

Two inspections per year, once in each transitional season, can ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition. Your roof faces extreme shifts in temperature in winter and summer, so a full inspection prior to the start of these seasons can ensure your building is structurally sound.

After HVAC or Related Repair

Your HVAC system is an integral part of your roof, and while the team you had repair or replace the air conditioning or ventilation unit were HVAC specialists, they are not professional roofers. Even minor disruptions to a commercial roof can have a significant impact on the integrity of your building and enhance your risk of problems. The flashing and surfaces around your HVAC equipment need to be inspected by a roofing pro after any kind of HVAC work to ensure that everything is in place and your roof was not impacted by the repairs. This also includes the areas of the roof where workers walked and/or handled tools.

Any Time you Suspect Damage

Leaks, moisture or drafts should be inspected right away. Small problems can rapidly become large ones, and an inspection by a roofing professional can reveal exactly what is going on with your roof so you can get a prompt repair. Keep in mind that the source of a leak can be far away from where water actually shows up in your building.

Before and After Renovations

Any upcoming changes to your building structure should trigger a call to your roofing team. A survey can be completed that examines every aspect of your roof and identifies any problematic areas that need to be addressed ahead of time. Your roofing pro can also spot any potential hazards or issues that could occur as the result of the work being performed. When the renovation is completed, take another look to make sure the changes didn’t impact the roof’s watertight integrity.

An inspection is intended to keep your facility operation running smoothly and to preserve the structural integrity and usefulness of your roof. If you have concerns or have not had your roof inspected recently, contact us to learn more about scheduling a comprehensive inspection today.


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