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July 02, 2018

Ways to Save Money on a New Commercial Roof

At some point, your commercial roof will need to be replaced. Although this can involve a large expenditure, the good news is that there are numerous ways to save money. Here are some of them.

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Early replacement

When you replace your roof at just the right point as it wears and ages, you can possibly save money. That is, replacing it sooner can be more cost-effective than waiting, as it continues to age and require more maintenance. Also, the more it ages, the more susceptible underlying roof components (e.g., insulation) risk becoming wet – and that will require more expense to correct. It’s a good idea to bring in a professional roofing contractor who can work with you to schedule the most cost-effective time to replace your roof.

Seasonal timing

When the weather is warm and sunny, it’s roofing season and a commercial roofing company tends to be busy at that time. If you can schedule your roof replacement outside of the company's busy time, but when the weather is still favorable for roof replacement, the contractor might offer more competitive pricing to earn your business.


Some states, cities and utilities offer financial incentives for installing energy-efficient roofing systems. Check in your area to find out what is available. A professional roofing company can also probably tell you about local energy incentives. In addition, recent changes to the federal tax code may provide financial benefits for companies that invest in new roofing systems. A recent Royalty blog article has more information on this.

Batching projects

If your company has more than one roof that needs to be replaced, you might be able to get a cost break by "batching" projects; that is, replacing roofs during the same time period at multiple locations that are near each other. A contractor might be able to lower the overall cost because roofing crews can do multiple jobs during one trip.

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