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March 16, 2018

Walkpads Make for a Safer, Longer-Lasting Roof

For commercial buildings, the roof can sometimes be considered the “top floor,” in that it has to accommodate lots of foot traffic. A variety of people need to be on the rooftop, to take care of things like HVAC maintenance, seasonal and post-storm inspections, debris removal and other activities.

rootop walkpads provide safety for workers and help protect the roofWalking on the roof – which should always be done only by authorized people because of safety issues – could cause problems to arise. Although durable, today’s roofing systems are not immune from damage caused by work boots and tool kits. Installing walkpads on the more heavily traveled rooftop walkways is a way to prevent these problems.

The manufacturer of your new roofing system should have walkpads available that are compatible with the membrane and that can be installed at the same time as the new roof.

Roof walkpads are typically non-slip mats bonded directly to the roof itself by the installing contractor. Walkpads make the roof an inherently safer environment, which reduces liability. Having walkways defined by these walkpads on well-traveled areas to control foot traffic will extend the life of the roof.

rootop walkpads provide safety for workers and help protect the roofPads should also be installed to protect roof areas where workers will be placed to do equipment maintenance work, rooftop entrances and exits, and anywhere else that your roof needs traffic protection.

If your rooftop acts as the top floor of your building, walkpads are a critical accessory.
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