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May 01, 2018

The Drenching Consequences of Concealed Commercial Roofing Leaks

While a proper roofing installation should bring your business decades of protection from the elements, just one small compromised area from storm damage or foot traffic can create silent enemies—water leaks. Failure to invest in routine inspections and maintenance can allow leaks to worsen, resulting in a number of consequences for commercial facilities.

Higher Utility Bills

Roofing leaks ultimately lead to wet insulation, which can quickly cause its transition from a money-saving roofing component to a costly conductor that can escalate energy costs and reduce your building’s efficiency and comfort levels. Some estimates from the US Department of Energy claim that thermal resistance from minor leaks can cause a structure’s energy efficiency to decrease as much as 70 percent. Higher energy bills may be a sign to contact a roofing expert.

Mold Development

Mold tends to rear its ugly head long after water has spread from the insulation to interior walls and ceilings. Mold removal and eradication can be time consuming and very costly, as the poor air quality and potential code violations can leave your business out of service until proper remediation and repairs take place. At the first indication of any ‘funky’ smells or signs of water damage, call a professional right away.


Insects like cockroaches and ants enjoy having a water source present, as do certain types of spiders. A hidden roofing leak can result in wet insulation that creates ideal nesting conditions for pest infestations. Furthermore, ponding water on the roof can attract these nuisances. If you’re seeing infestations suddenly, a leaking roof may be the culprit.

Slips and Falls

Roofing leaks can ultimately present themselves suddenly as water on floors, which is a recipe for disaster in any place of business. Beyond its potential to cause damage, water creates hazardous slip and fall conditions for both employees and patrons. In fact, slips and falls are the number one cause of worker compensation claims in the US. Ultimately, owners could find themselves drenched in lawsuits from injured parties. However, regular roofing inspections can help prevent these issues.

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Time is of the Essence

If you suspect a roofing leak of any kind, it’s wise to call a repair expert right away. However, the smartest move you can make is to simply schedule routine roofing inspections and maintenance services to prevent them.


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