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November 18, 2014

Standing Seam Roofing: An Attractive and Durable Installation

Metal roofing dates back a few thousand years to around 970 BC when some roofing contractors in Jerusalem reportedly installed a copper roof on the temple.

famous daves 4These days, metal roofs are not reserved for divine installations. Architectural standing seam metal is used on homes and commercial facilities that have high-visibility steep-sloped roofs. They’re popular for many reasons, including aesthetics, durability and long life. Many commercial establishments – particularly restaurants, it seems – incorporate architectural standing seam roofs into their designs.

Standing seam roofing is available in several profiles (the ridges that give metal roofing panels their look) and dozens of colors and finishes.

In addition to being good looking, standing seam metal roofs are…

  • Resistant to the elements. A properly installed standing seam roof can withstand high winds and hail and is impervious to fire.
  • Lightweight. Metal roof panels weigh less than shingles but are strong and durable. Because of its weight, metal roofing is easy to transport and install.
  • Virtually puncture-proof. Airborne storm debris, falling branches and accidental missteps are common ways for damage and leaks to occur on roofs. But the material strength of standing seam roofing makes it highly puncture resistant.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Insulation underneath metal roof panels can reduce utility bills, and a installing a light colored panel that reflects sunlight can significantly reduce cooling costs. The coating on some darker roof panels is engineered to enhance reflectivity. In addition, many metal roofs are made up of more than 50% recycled materials. Once their time on the rooftop is over, the metal panels are nearly 100% recyclable.
  • Cost effective. Standing seam metal roofs are usually more expensive initially than alternatives such as asphalt or wood. However, other roof types need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years; a durable metal roof can remain in place for 50 years or longer. Standing seam metal roofs also have low maintenance costs.

As a full-service contractor, Royalty can install the right combination of shingles, low-sloped roofing membrane, and metal roofing systems that will complement the appearance of your home or commercial facility and provide years of watertight protection. Learn more about Royalty’s standing seam capabilities and see our gallery.

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