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June 27, 2018

Signs Your Commercial Roof Has a Breathing Problem

Regardless of the type or slope of your industrial or commercial roof, a ventilation system is an integral part of ensuring the roof’s proper functioning and longevity. It’s vital that the roof is properly ventilated to prevent damage to the roof and your commercial structure. Proper roof ventilation can extend a roof’s life by reducing heat buildup (helping HVAC systems operate more efficiently), improving airflow and, perhaps most importantly, keeping condensation moisture from accumulating under the roof.

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Here are some signs that your roof may have a ‘breathing’ problem.

Excessive Heat Indoors

If it seems to constantly feel warm indoors even with consistent HVAC temperature settings, poor ventilation may be the cause. After all, that trapped heat has to go somewhere, so it often gets forced into the building’s common spaces and make interiors uncomfortably warm. This in turn can lead to…

Increased Energy Costs

Perhaps the heat indoors hasn’t particularly become noticeably higher, but increasing energy bills might be telling you more than it's simply hot outside. As warm air is trapped beneath a poorly ventilated roof, the air conditioning system will tend to run more to maintain stable indoor temperatures. If it's determined that ventilation isn't the problem, an energy audit might be useful in determining the culprit of rising energy bills.

Blistering or Peeling Paint

Excessive temperatures and high humidity can ultimately cause interior and exterior paint to peel or blister, particularly near the roof, ceilings and upper interior walls. Once this process begins, it spreads quickly and can require a whole new paint job if left unresolved.

Ventilation requirements are different for every building and roofing system. If moisture from condensation is a problem, or you’re considering a new roof for your facility, make sure you understand the roofing-ventilation options that are available to you and that your roofing contractor does as well.


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