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January 15, 2019

Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

finger-at-ceiling-full-vb-30621-517243Although your commercial roof should be in great condition when it is brand new, eventually it will need to be replaced. And it's a wise idea to keep an eye out for signs of when the roof is nearing the time that it will need to be replaced. Look for the following clues.

Water Intrusion

If you spot signs of water intrusion, such as water spots on the ceiling, your roof may be leaking. Contact your commercial roof company right away so they can look into the situation.

Blistering on Roof Surface

When you notice signs of blistering on the roof (membrane bubbles), that can be caused by water penetration. And it can be a sign that it is time to replace the roof.

Roof Membrane Problems

As time goes on, your commercial roof can go through many weather events, including intense sun, storms and high winds, all of which can damage the roof membrane. In some situations, the membrane top film layer can wear away, exposing the scrim underneath. Some membranes can pull away from curbs and parapets. These are indicators that it’s likely time to replace the roof.

Roof Deck Damage

If you have a structural metal roof deck, it should be pretty obvious when rust and seam issues are causing your building to be less than watertight. In this case, rather than replace your old metal roof, retrofit it with a single-ply membrane. Click here to learn more about this option.

Utility Bills Increasing

Over time, as the roof ages, you might see your utility bills increasing without a clearly apparent cause. It’s been demonstrated that insulation – especially underneath dark, heat-absorbing roof membranes –can lose their insulating effectiveness (IR value).

Remember to keep up with regular maintenance, and schedule routine roof inspections. Contact Royalty Roofing at the first sign of problems, and we can tell you whether your roof needs a simple fix or should be replaced.


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