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April 06, 2018

Shared Roofs and Commercial Roofing

Many commercial businesses share a roof with abutting businesses. This makes for a more complicated roof repair or replacement situation than if your business is housed in an independent building structure. Here are some potential problems that can arise with shared roofs.

Potential Problems With Shared Roofs

There are many examples of shared roofs in commercial real estate. Whether the “business” is a school, warehouse, storefront or multi-use structure, shared commercial roofs present different challenges than separate roofs. Potential problems with shared roofs include:

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Commercial buildings with multiple roof areas can present some unique challenges.


Often with a shared roof, a leak originating above one business manifests itself a long distance away, affecting a different business altogether. In this case, the business operating beneath the breach in the roof may not be experiencing any issue at all. However, an abutting business may have water penetration they feel powerless to fix.

Age and Other Differences

Roofs that have been installed at different times on a building will age differently, which could require additional maintenance. It’s possible that one section has multiple roof layers which might cause sagging, leaks and drainage issues. Also, if the different roofs on the building are of a different type, (e.g., built-up roofing and PVC) there could be compatibility problems. Multiple businesses – in different locations within the building structure – could be affected by any of these complications.

Ongoing Repairs

Another problem that can arise with shared roofs is when a property owner decides to continually patch the roof problems instead of doing a complete commercial roof replacement. Ongoing repairs to a commercial roof in multiple spots when the roof is shared creates chronic disruptions and inconvenience to business owners and their customers.

A Shared Roof Solution

Of course, the best solution is to install one new roofing system over the entire facility. In a situation such as a strip mall, where multiple businesses operate under one commercial shared roof, a single-ply PVC roof replacement is ideal. This type of commercial roofing material provides a uniform roof barrier against leaks and other potential breaches. With one fell swoop, a PVC commercial roof replacement can eliminate the common issues associated with shared commercial roofs. 

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