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April 21, 2015

Selecting a Commercial Roofing System – Part 2

Clipart Illustration of a Red Pencil Marking Of Items On A CheckBuilding owners and managers have many options when it comes to determining which commercial roofing system is right for a specific project. In part one, we looked at building design, rooftop environment and cost. Here is the second of two articles on this topic.


Many roofing systems are on the market, and they often appear to be pretty much the same. But there are significant differences in the formulation of commercial roofing materials. Some products have been around for decades and have a proven history of long-term success; others are more recent to the marketplace and less established. Think about: How long has the roof been on the market? Has the product formula changed over time, potentially causing variations in rooftop performance? Does it have an established track record in the environment where it will be installed? Proven longevity is critical when selecting a roofing system and its manufacturer.


Commercial roofing warranties can be confusing, but here are some basic questions to ask during the roof selection process:

  • Is there any additional cost for the warranty?
  • Does the warranty have exclusions for ponding water on the rooftop or consequential damages (other damage done to the facility and/or contents because of a leak)?
  • Is the warranty transferable to new building ownership?
  • Does the contractor back the installation with a workmanship warranty of their own?


Prefabrication means that the manufacturer designs and produces a roofing system to specifications in ideal controlled conditions. Most roof failures occur because of installation errors, particularly at changes in plane on the roof, such as projections, curbs, etc. Roof system prefabrication can eliminate up to 85% of on-the-rooftop membrane seaming, greatly reducing the likelihood of installation errors and leak problems in the future.


Royalty Roofing specializes in flat roof replacement for commercial facilities.



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Prefabricated roof systems greatly reduce the likelihood of installation errors and leak problems in the future.



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By contrast, most commercial roofs are completely “manufactured” by a contractor on top of a building where heat, humidity, cold, wind, and poor labor decisions during installation will affect the roof’s long-term performance.

Installing Contractor

The long-term success of any roofing system ultimately falls on the installing roofing contractor and their application quality. The contractor should be trained and authorized by the manufacturer to help ensure the roofer’s ability to install the manufacturer’s products correctly. But more importantly, the installer should have a strong reputation for business integrity, installation quality, and standing behind their work after it’s installed.

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