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April 08, 2015

Selecting a Commercial Roofing System - Part 1

Building owners and facility managers have many options when it comes to determining which commercial roofing system is right for a specific project. You should be confident that your roofing investment is the best long-term decision for your facility and, to that end, here is the first of two articles discussing areas you should consider when it comes to selecting a new roofing system. considerations image


Building Design

The roofing system should be flexible and designed to meet the watertight needs of your facility. Can the roofing system can be designed for / installed on:

  • Dead level, low-sloped, or steep-sloped roofs
  • Buildings that cannot handle additional weight
  • All types of decks
  • New construction
  • Retrofit applications
  • Small buildings
  • Large facilities
  • Metal buildings
  • Buildings in jurisdictions with strict wind or fire code requirements?

Rooftop Environment

  • Is there a lot of foot traffic on the roof?
  • What kind of / how many penetrations are there on the roof? What about other changes in plane, such as the transition from horizontal roof deck to vertical parapet?
  • Are there any rooftop emissions; for example, from restaurant or manufacturing exhaust?
  • Is the climate hot and dry or cool and wet...or somewhere in between?
  • Are there variations in the expansion and contraction of the building (and the roof) because of temperature extremes?


Up-front cost is often perceived as the key factor in choosing a roofing system. However, the life cycle cost is the more important financial aspect that needs to be examined. Considerations should include tear-off, post-installation maintenance expenses, additional warranty costs and potential energy savings. One “cost” consideration is whether the installation will interrupt your building operations or allow you to conduct “business as usual.”



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