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May 16, 2018

Safety: The Fatigue Factor

With lots of trucks and other company vehicles on the road, collectively logging several hundred thousand miles a year, Royalty needs to be especially diligent about ensuring that our drivers are operating their vehicles safely. After all, it’s not only their lives and the lives of those in their vehicles in their hands, but the lives of other motorists as well.

At a recent safety conference, the former head of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) spoke and she focused on distraction and fatigue with respect to driving. Here are a few points that were made:

  • 50% of road deaths are from the 10% of passengers who are unbelted.
  • Cell phones are a major distraction. The dangers of texting while driving is well documented, but headsets and other hands-free operations are not a big help, as drivers are still distracted.
  • Fatigue, specifically:
    • 43% of adults are sleep deprived
    • 30% of adults have sleep disorders; 10% have sleep apnea
    • Lack of sleep can be equal to consuming 3 beers (considered .05 blood alcohol level by police)

As the days get longer and the weather nicer, there are more available hours for our roofing crews to work and the fatigue factor can play a larger role in our driver safety.

electronic logging device
Electronic Logging Device (Elog)

DOT-regulated drivers are only allowed to drive for a limited number of hours each day and week, and logging devices are required in company vehicles to track compliance. In addition to following DOT and OSHA regulations with respect to avoiding overwork and fatigue, Royalty safety policy includes:

  • Avoiding phone use by drivers while driving at all times; a non-driver in the vehicle should take phone calls for the driver when necessary
  • Encouraging employees to take breaks and remove themselves from the direct sun periodically while on the rooftop
  • Reinforcing the importance of proper hydration.

Royalty is committed to safety in all areas of our business. To learn more about our programs and our record, please click here to visit the safety page on our website.

Article by Royalty / Contractor, Safety


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