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March 11, 2015

Rooftop Maintenance: Critical for Watertight Integrity

It’s a wonder that some things last as long as they do with the variety of severe weather we face. Consider the roof on your commercial building. It’s the most important weather protection component when it comes to safeguarding the investment of the owner, but often the least checked. If you haven’t already done so, spring is the perfect time to start an annual maintenance program. You can extend the life of your roofing system by catching problems before they occur. Here are some areas to evaluate:


Walk the perimeter of the building to ensure that unsecured objects, such as trash cans, signs, tree limbs, and loose building materials won’t become airborne during high winds. Trees should have dead or broken branches removed and should be trimmed away from the building to prevent damage to the roof.

restaurant roof with several penetrations Roofs with lots of penetrations have the potential to experience multiple leaks. Make sure that flashings, edge details and other terminations are maintained properly.

Edge details should be checked to ensure that they are tight fitting and properly sealed. Corners of the building are the most susceptible to wind and water damage. Immediately fix anything that lacks integrity.


All debris and loose materials should be removed from the roof. Leaf grates should be cleaned and secured to keep them in place. Make sure there is no blockage of any kind in drainage areas. Look for cracks or other gaps on all areas of the roof and repair as needed.


Check seals on penetrations and terminations. All roof mounted equipment (HVAC units, satellite dishes, antennas, duct work, etc.) should be secured in a manner that won’t allow movement. If something can be moved by hand it will become displaced in a storm or with wind. Service panel doors should be inspected to ensure that they are properly fastened. Replace any missing fasteners.

Comprehensive roof maintenance will address problems at their initial stage, minimizing the potential for damage to interior furnishings, equipment, building materials and finishes. A maintenance program can help building owners preserve their investment, from top to bottom.

Royalty offers rooftop maintenance and management programs for commercial facilities. If you’d like to discuss what we can provide, please give us a call at your convenience.


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