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June 07, 2018

Roof Safety Tips

At Royalty Roofing, we’re committed to the safety of our workers and others at the jobsite, including building owners, managers and occupants. This commitment helps create safe working conditions and a secure workforce that can focus on the roofing job at hand. We’ve learned a lot along the way and want to share a few tips that can apply to anyone who works on top of a building – not just the roofing crew:


  • ♦ NEVER go onto a roof alone – for several safety reasons.
  • ♦ Inspect a ladder for any defects prior to every use.
  • ♦ Always erect ladders at least 10 feet away from any potential electrical hazards.
  • ♦ Position the ladder at a 4:1 ratio; that is, for every 4 feet the ladder goes up, the base should be moved back 1 foot from the wall.
  • ♦ Always wear slip resistant boots when climbing a ladder or working on a rooftop.
  • ♦ The first person up the ladder should have someone hold and steady it at the base and, once they are on the roof, tie the ladder off securely at the top for everyone else.
  • ♦ Install a cleat behind the ladder rails on the ground to prevent it from shifting backwards.
  • ♦ Be aware of inclement weather when you’re working on the roof: lightning, rain, snow, high winds, etc. Have a get-off-the-roof-quickly plan should weather turn threatening in a hurry.
  • ♦ If you take prescribed medications, always know their effects (such as drowsiness) and refrain from work if you are impacted in a manner that causes things to become unsafe for you or co-workers.
  • ♦ Always drink plenty of water on hot days and avoid carbonated drinks.
  • ♦ Know your limitations. If you’re scared of heights, a career on the rooftop might not be your best choice. 

To learn more about our safety program and record, please visit the safety page on our website.


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