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November 06, 2014

PVC Roofing: A Great Option for Commercial Facilities

One of the nation’s leading manufacturers of PVC roofing materials is Duro-Last® Roofing, and as an authorized Elite Contractor for Duro-Last, Royalty has installed a lot of PVC roofing membrane – more than 20 million square feet in our history, in fact.

PVC – or vinyl – roofs have been around a long time. They were originally introduced in Europe in the early 1960s. Since then, the PVC share of the flat roof market has grown tremendously, due to a variety of standout characteristics:

  • PVC membranes are among the longest lasting flat roofing materials; some PVC roofs have been in service for 30 years or more. PVC remains flexible and weldable throughout its lifetime and withstands the thermal movement that commercial roofs experience in all climates.
  • PVC roofing is durable and lightweight, and can often be installed over an existing roofing system without an expensive tear-off (local building codes permitting).
  • PVC roofing systems are typically installed using heat-welding, which provides a more secure, long-term seam than joining membranes together that are made from other materials.


  • Because of its chlorine component, PVC is inherently flame resistant, unlike many other roofing products with higher carbon content. This makes fire ratings easier to achieve, and means that PVC roofing in general is less likely to emit toxic gases than other materials in building fires.
  • White PVC membranes are among the most reflective on the market, and deliver real energy cost savings to building owners and managers throughout the US.
  • Recyclability is a key element of many green design programs, and unlike other roofing materials, there are well-established programs for recycling PVC roofing membrane, including one offered by Duro-Last.
  • PVC membranes are highly flexible and can be custom-prefabricated before being shipped to the job for installation. This reduces rooftop labor by minimizing onsite welding by contractors. In addition, seam integrity is more reliable than for stiffer membranes that are made from materials other than PVC.

Royalty Roofing has experience installing PVC roofing membranes on all types of facilities throughout the eastern US. If you’re in need of a new roof on your building, give us a call.


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