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August 21, 2018

Prevent Future Penetration Problems Now, With Royalty’s Chase Runner

Rooftop penetrations are a necessary evil for commercial buildings as they accommodate critical components, such as HVAC equipment, pipes, skylights, communication equipment, cables, wiring, hatches, safety rails and various other paraphernalia. However, the places – the changes in plane – where these penetrations intersect with the roof deck are the most prone to leaks. According to some estimates, as much as 90% or more of roof leak problems stem from the poor sealing and flashing of penetrations. A competent commercial roofer will ensure that existing penetrations are flashed correctly when the new roof is installed.

But what about a future time when you might need to install rooftop equipment that requires a deck penetration, and no current penetration exists? We suggest preparing for that time now, with the installation of Royalty’s Chase Runner.

Chase Runners 2The Chase Runner is a curved tube designed to expedite the future installation of rooftop equipment that requires the running of cables, copper lines, electrical wires or similar items between the roof and the interior of the building. The Chase Runner is installed at the same time as a new roofing system.

When your new roof is installed a Royalty Roofing technician will determine with you the best rooftop location(s) for installing the Chase Runner. The technician will then make the necessary roof deck penetration for each Chase Runner, terminate it properly inside the building, and flash it securely on the roof to ensure it’s watertight.

Chase Runners 4To keep the roof weathertight and free from pest infestation until it’s put into use, the Chase Runner is sealed over the exposed end. When the cables, lines and/or wires are eventually installed, the customer (or the contractor installing them) is responsible for re-sealing the exposed end of the Chase Runner on the rooftop.

The Chase Runner is available in 3-inch and 4-inch diameter sizes. Both are approximately 17.5 inches in height.

Prepare for the future today! Give us a call to talk about how the Chase Runner might work on your commercial rooftop.


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