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August 13, 2018

Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Colder Weather

Your commercial roof provides shelter and keeps out harsh weather such as wintertime storms and frigid temperatures. It may not be “top-of-mind” in the middle of summer, but for your roof to keep protecting you during the impending harsh weather, now is the time to think about getting it ready for winter.


Here are some key steps to take.

Professional Inspection

You might be able to do a cursory roof inspection yourself, but consider having your commercial roof professionally inspected by a qualified roofing company. The older your roof, the more critical this becomes. An inspection can help decrease the risk of roof leaks developing during harsh weather conditions. Plan on doing this well ahead of cold weather. The professional inspection should assess a wide variety of aspects, such as insulation, decking, underlayment, surface membrane, flashings, roof vents, gutters and drainage. Issues the inspector might detect include holes, cracks, areas that are buckling, blisters, split seams, out-of-place fasteners and defective flashing. Your inspector will also see debris on the roof area or any clogged drainage systems.


Perform necessary maintenance and complete needed repairs according to what the inspection company advises. Keep in mind that preventive steps can help prevent bigger problems. Planning ahead will allow you enough time to comfortably take care of things before the weather gets cold. And if a roof replacement is needed, do that before the seasons change.

Thorough Cleaning

As the outdoor temperature cools off, leaves and other debris fall. Those items could create problems with punctures or drainage and should be removed. Also make sure there is no loose equipment on the roof and, if there is, secure it or remove it.

Snow and ice Removal Plan

If your area gets big snowstorms and blizzards that dump large amounts of heavy snow that can cause structural problems for your building, you should have a snow removal plan. Some roof contractors offer snow removal services for commercial facilities and you should consider lining up a professional who can do that – one who uses tools that won’t damage the roof membrane.

Getting your roof ready for winter will help your commercial building weather the storms that may be ahead. Let us know what questions you have about commercial roof repair, maintenance or installation.

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