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February 13, 2019

Prepare your Roof for Warm Weather

Although your roof may be covered with snow and at the bottom of your facility priorities, now is the time to start thinking about what spring will bring to your rooftop. Late winter / early springtime cycles of warm-cold-snow-rain can add stress to your commercial roof, and it will probably need some attention before the warmer months arrive for good. Below, are three ways to prepare your commercial roof for warm weather. Make sure you’re able to access your roof and walk around it safely – some roofs are extremely slippery when they’re cold and damp.

Schedule an Inspection

Your commercial roof should be inspected twice a year at a minimum – more if you have lots of penetrations and/or drastic weather extremes. As you head into warmer weather, a comprehensive appraisal of your vents, HVAC units and skylights can detect any issues and ensure your roof is ready for summer. This is also the time to check for loose flashing, blistering, other signs of membrane problems or debris – which should be cleared to prevent damage to your roof surface and to enable positive water flow.

Check Drainage

Your drains, scuppers and gutters should be free of any debris; depending on how harsh of a winter just passed, you could have branches, leaves and other material clogging up your water flow. If water has collected during the colder weather, it could have frozen and damaged your gutters and drains. Inspecting these places and ensuring that water can flow freely through them and away from your building can prevent water damage to your roof, ceilings and interior.

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Make any Needed Repairs

Obviously, as soon as safely possible after reviewing the situation, address any issue you uncover. You may be able to fix minor problems with your own maintenance staff but if, for example, sections of the roof are beyond basic repair or pieces of gutter are missing, it’s best to call in a commercial roof professional.

Summer has its own set of challenges for your roof surface; hot temperatures and intense sunlight can inflict a lot of damage. Your spring activities should make sure your roof is in tip-top shape and ready for the summer season ahead.


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