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October 21, 2014

New or Replacement Roof Systems: A Team Effort

Putting a new commercial roof on a building is a major undertaking. In addition to choosing the roofing system itself, assembling the right implementation team can help ensure that the job proceeds smoothly, and that the finished product performs up to expectations.

An important first step is determining who to include in the decision-making process. While exact titles will vary by project and business organization, several individuals or groups are critical.

One is the employee or department that’s most familiar with the current roof, as well as any problems it’s had and the solutions that have been used.

Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out "Team," Symbolizing Excellent Teamwork, Success And Link Exchanging Clipart Illustration GraphicObviously, it’s helpful to include those who will approve the installation and the project’s budget. Depending on the company, this may include the facility manager, building owner, purchasing manager, company owner, or head of finance.

Roofing systems to be installed on new construction often require the input of architects or designers. Including them early in the process helps ensure that any specification concerns are addressed up-front.

Another key member of the roofing team is, of course, the contractor who will install the roof. Commercial roofing systems vary widely in their technology and how they are installed, and the contractor selected should have extensive experience with the roofing system(s) being considered for the project. The contractor should provide references of completed projects that are comparable to the job being proposed.

For re-roofing projects, the contractor should complete a thorough investigation of the current roof to uncover any problems and/or potential challenges, and then discuss findings with the rest of the team. The contractor should ask about any constraints the crew might face during installation, such as times during the day when the installation might interfere with building operations or if limited roof access will make the loading of materials difficult.

The Manufacturer on Your Roofing Team

Building owners and managers should also be familiar with the roofing system manufacturer. How long have they been in business? What’s their reputation for quality? Will a representative be available if any product-specific issues come up? What kind of post-installation support do they provide – if any? What’s the warranty? If the contractor that installed the roof retires or leaves the business, will the manufacturer help the building owner find another contractor for service, if necessary?

Your commercial roof really is a multi-component system with many factors that go into its ability to protect your facility for 15-20 years – or even longer. Make sure that you have the right roofing team in place to ensure your roof is installed properly, and will provide years of watertight protection.


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