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June 16, 2016

Is Your Roof System Blowing in the Wind?

We Prefer it to be Firmly Secured!

Check out the video below to see a commercial roofing system that has outlived its usefulness. Even the rooftop wind uplift force created by a fairly light breeze is able to make this roof billow like the sails on a schooner. After seeing this video, the building owner contracted with Royalty for a new roofing system:

This situation provides a good opportunity to review a few considerations when evaluating a new or replacement roofing system:

  • If your roof membrane is flapping in the breeze, it’s not adequately protecting your building. And wind uplift forces in the event of a severe storm could completely rip it off, exposing your building to all kinds of damage. Take care of this problem immediately!
  • There are lots of different commercial roofing systems on the market. Not all of them are completely compatible with all deck types or the best “fit” for all roof configurations. The wrong combination can severely affect your roof’s watertight capabilities.
  • Commercial roofs are primarily installed using one of three methods: mechanically attached, adhered (with an appropriate adhesive) or ballast (rocks that hold down the membrane beneath). Make sure that the system(s) you’re considering will remain in place for its expected life span – hopefully 15-20 years.
  • In the event of a roof problem, what will the manufacturer’s warranty cover? Material? Labor? Both? Consequential damages? For how long? There are at least as many warranty options to choose from as there are commercial roofing systems.
  • The most important consideration is choosing the right contractor, because most roof problems are due to human error, not material failure. How long has the contractor been in business, and will they still be around once the job is complete? Are they experienced in installing roofs on your type of building? Do they know about potential compatibility issues with respect to their proposed system and your roof deck? Do they stand behind the installation with their own warranty in addition to what the manufacturer offers.

If you’re having roof problems – whether it’s membrane that’s come completely unattached to the roof deck or something less critical – contact Royalty today. We’re experienced in all types of commercial roofing situations and will design and install a roofing system that’s right for your building and that will stay in place for years to come.


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