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July 05, 2018

Is Time Running Out on Your Metal Roof?

The structural metal roof on your building was designed to provide decades of protection for your building. And if it was installed properly, it probably has.

But nature’s elements take their toll and eventually, your metal roof will show the signs of aging. Temperature variations throughout the year (in fact, at different times of the day), cause metal roofing panels to expand and contract. Seams can become loose and on roofs with poor drainage, standing water can cause rusting. Eventually, the integrity of the roof is compromised because it’s not watertight and it needs to be patched or replaced.

single-ply retrofit before
Metal Roof Before Retrofit

Patching may work for a while and on small areas but sooner or later the repair cost and aggravation is going to outweigh the cost of a replacement.

While replacing your old metal roof with a new one is certainly a possibility, it’s an expensive one that's sure to disrupt building operations. Plus, the new metal roof will ultimately suffer the same fate as the previous one.

A better option is to install a new single-ply roofing system instead, because it is a cost-effective, quality alternative that’s applied over the existing damaged, metal roof deck to provide long-term watertight protection.

The new installation is simple. First, strips of insulation are cut to fit neatly in the metal deck flutes (the space between the ribs) creating a smooth, flat surface. Then, another layer of insulation is positioned over the entire roof, which gives the roof an added R-value and provides a solid surface for the membrane. The single-ply, prefabricated membrane is then rolled over the insulation and mechanically fastened to purlins or the metal deck itself.

Metal Retrofit Roofing System

The new metal retrofit roofing system is a flexible membrane and once installed, it will expand and contract with the weather, virtually eliminating the risk of rooftop leaks. It will also help protect your budget from high energy costs because the white membrane is highly-reflective. This feature is saving significant energy and money for building owners all over North America. Rebates and other incentives for energy-efficient roofing are often available through local, state or federal government programs.

single-ply retrofit-after
Metal Roof After Retrofit

If the time has come to permanently fix your metal roof problems, consider a single-ply retrofit roofing system from Royalty.


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