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June 08, 2018

Ignoring Your Drainage System Can Sink Your Business

Whether your commercial building has traditional gutters, inner drains, scuppers or a combination, it’s important to understand how vital their role is in protecting your structure. Cleaning the drainage system regularly is essential to keeping it operational so it can protect your property and the integrity of the building. And the most commonly neglected gutter maintenance task is simple: debris removal. The often-dramatic consequences of neglecting your drainage system can reduce your bottom line profits and tap into your wallet quickly in more ways than one.

Poor Drainage Systems May Promote Dissatisfaction

Imagine how upset staff, clients and other visitors might become after being drenched by walking through the doors of your business during a rainstorm. This potential consequence of ignoring your perimeter drainage system can seriously “dampen” the employee and customer experience. A clean gutter system in good condition prevents water from pouring uncontrollably off roofs and keeps it away from window openings and doors.

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Even Minor Water Clogs Can Cause Serious Structural Damage

Damaged or clogged gutters can result in serious issues that can cost a bundle to repair, especially when ponding water seeps through the roof membrane and penetrates ceilings, walls and basements. Just a single miniscule leak in the roofing system can cause major structural damage that may take months or years to notice while also leading to mold, pests and extremely costly foundation damage and cracks. Cracked foundations ultimately weaken the structure overall and require disruptive and expensive remedial work. These leaks can be difficult to identify with interior drains, but fortunately, all these issues may be preventable with regular drainage maintenance.

Water Attracts Pests

Pests need water just like other living organisms, and neglect your building’s drainage can give unwanted critters an oasis in and around your commercial property. Standing water that rots wood further creates ideal living conditions for numerous wood-loving critters like rats, insects, mice and dampwood termites—not to mention the mosquito issues that standing water creates. Safeguard your property from pests that can drive away business.

The key to a functional drainage system is regular inspections and preventive maintenance that can prevent inconvenient downtime or expensive damages. Contact Royalty Roofing today for more information.


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