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July 23, 2018

Hurricane Season Lessons, No Matter Where Your Commercial Roof is Located

A commercial roof provides your business and everyone inside it with protection from harsh weather, but the roof itself truly takes a beating during those storms. Whether you are in an area that gets hurricanes or just intense storms that involve heavy rain, wind and other severe conditions, be aware of how those storms can impact your roof.


Water Leaks

It is astounding how much rain can come with a hurricane, even one that is not the most powerful category. That water can infiltrate your building, and that can set off a negative cascade of events, including the development of mold within a short period of time. It is essential that you take any and all water leaks seriously by taking action immediately after they develop.

Roof Damage

A hurricane brings with it winds that are powerful enough to do a tremendous amount of damage to your commercial roof. For example, sections of the roof can be lifted off and strewn all over your property. Items on your roof like antennas, drainage systems, gutters and air conditioning units can all be damaged too, or even disappear.

Plan of Action

Being prepared for severe situations can help you weather the storms quite literally. Well in advance of the season, line up an appointment with a professional to complete a thorough inspection of your commercial roof. Then follow through on any maintenance and repairs as recommended. If you are in an area that can expect a direct hit from a hurricane, tropical storm or any hurricane remnants, it’s important to do regular inspections to ensure your roof is watertight and prepared.

Even if you aren't in an area that's affected by hurricanes, and even at times of the year other than hurricane season, keep these considerations in mind all year long when there’s the potential for strong wind, driving rain and severe storms.

Your organization may have a facilities staff that can take care of roof inspections, repairs and maintenance on its own. However, when dealing with serious issues like hurricanes and severe storms, a highly qualified, professional commercial roofing company can be an essential partner.

Headquartered in Seymour, Indiana, Royalty has strategically located offices – including Florida – to serve commercial roofing customers with single locations or who own or manage multiple facilities throughout the continental United States. If you’re looking for some pre-storm security or a roof repair or replacement following severe weather, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.


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