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June 18, 2018

How to Prevent a Mold Problem in a Commercial Roof Before It Starts

Mold in a commercial building can develop in either visible ways or behind the scenes, such as underneath a roof when moisture penetrates. Either way, it is damaging to a building, can cause serious health problems for building occupants and can be extremely costly to get rid of.  But there are ways to prevent mold problems in a commercial building roof.


Here are some tips.

Keep up with repairs and maintenance

As a roof gets older, it is more prone to deterioration and loss of watertight integrity. So, keep up with inspections and preventive maintenance and repairs to assure that the roof is in good shape that can withstand harsh weather in all seasons and general wear and tear.

Monitor moisture and drainage

When designed properly, a roof routes water into drains or gutters. Standing water can be a problem, especially if the roof membrane is compromised and not completely watertight. Gutters, drains and downspouts should direct water well away from the facility. Also, shaded areas of the roof that don’t dry readily could foster mold growth (hint: trim tree branches that overhang your roof). Stay alert to these issues, and call a roofing professional immediately if you suspect that there is any problem.

Inspect the roof for damage

One of the most common ways a mold problem develops is through a roof leak, and water that enters a building at one location may appear inside the building quite a distance away from the entry point. Thus, it is important to inspect a commercial roof thoroughly and regularly. If roof leaks or other problems are detected, have them professionally repaired immediately because mold can begin growing quickly after a roof leak starts.

Remember that it is key to be proactive about mold, which means stopping a problem before it even starts. Pay close attention to the roof and any problems that develop there. If you need assistance with roof leaks, let us know. Royalty Roofing specializes in roofing projects for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. We have strategically located offices that serve commercial roofing customers throughout the continental United States.


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