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August 06, 2019

Frugality can Backfire when it Comes to your Commercial Roof: 3 Cheap Ideas to Avoid

coins flying full-getty-30621-1047047500Saving money is a priority for any business, but when you go too far with frugality it can backfire, including when your commercial roof is involved. You could end up with major problems that will be costly to repair. Here are three ways you shouldn't try to save on your commercial roofing:

Skimping on Inspections

You probably don't get your home roof inspected frequently (if at all), so why should your facility roof be any different? Here’s why: the scale and complexity of a commercial roof combined with weather impact, debris and human interaction can cause damage that is not visible to the unskilled eye. Ideally, commercial roofs should be inspected at least twice a year -- and any time you suspect a problem that could impact the integrity of your roof. Foregoing that inspection could allow a problem to fester and result in expensive repairs when it is finally discovered.

Not Checking for Damage After Rooftop Work by Another Technician

One potentially costly mistake involves other contractors. When you hire someone to run cabling, repair your HVAC systems or perform other “non-roofing” rooftop jobs, one or more people will be working and walking on your roof. These activities can put your roof at risk, because something as simple as a dropped tool or misplaced screw can cause damage that you may not discover until well afterwards. It’s a good idea to involve a commercial roofing contractor when other technicians are on the rooftop to make sure that no damage has been caused. Never sign off on work until you are sure the technician you are using has not inadvertently damaged your roof. If you miss something, it could cost you.

Using a Home Roofing Contractor instead of a Commercial Pro

Residential roofing is very different from the multifaceted roof systems that protect your commercial facility. A contractor who dabbles in commercial repair or who specializes in residential projects will not have the expertise or the tools to ensure your commercial roof gets the best possible lifespan. A contractor hoping to break into commercial roofing may get there eventually, but your facility can't afford to be someone's first job or a trial run. Make sure anyone you entrust with your roof is a working, experienced professional commercial roofer.

To ensure your roof’s long-term watertight integrity, it’s best not to “cheap out” when it comes to taking care of it. Little problems are easy to prevent and solve, but when they are left to fester, costs can add up fast. Careful attention to your roof's condition will have a dramatic impact on your lifetime costs and ensure you are getting the most value from your roofing investment.


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