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October 29, 2018

Factors that Can Void A Commercial Roofing Warranty

warranty artWhen it comes to the cost of your building, the roof is one of the most expensive components, so it makes sense to make good decisions when it comes to keeping your roof manufacturer’s warranty in effect. Typical commercial roof warranties usually cover 15 or 20 years depending on the roof system installed and the requirements of the client. However, there are some factors that can lead to the warranty not being issued or its nullification. They include:

Incorrect Roof Installation

Commercial roofs can be complicated, and most roofing manufacturers have clear and detailed specifications on how to install their products. If the instructions are not followed to the letter by the contractor, the manufacturer won’t issue a warranty. So, the competency of your roof installation team is critical. Most manufacturers will inspect the roof to ensure it was installed in strict compliance with their specified standards before they issue the warranty.

Improper Modifications To The Roof

Certain modifications to your roofing system can damage the roof and void the warranty. Rooftop vegetative or solar systems usually require a special roof warranty and adding these items down the road could be a problem. Other components that penetrate the roof, such as ventilation and additional air conditioning capacity, can be an issue, especially if the installing contractor uses incompatible materials to flash the new component to the old roofing surface. PVC membranes will not work with built up roofing systems, for example, and your warranty could be jeopardized.

Pressure Washing

Commercial roofs get dirty, which can lead to loss of reflectivity and drainage issues. Many people will try to resolve the issue by pressure washing the roof. But the strong force from a water jet can actually remove roofing material and penetrate the membrane. Damage and leaks caused by pressure washing will probably not be covered by any roof warranty. All roof manufacturers have their own recommended cleaning methods, typically involving soft bristle brushes, non-solvent / non-abrasive detergents, squeegees, and low-pressure water spraying.

Installation Of A New Roof Over An Old Roof

Many single-ply membrane roof products are sufficiently lightweight to be installed over an existing system, without a tear-off of the old roof. However, local building codes may limit the number of roof layers on your building. A violation of these codes could void your warranty. Also, as mentioned above, compatibility between the old and new membrane types could be a problem.

The common theme between all these points is that the validity of your commercial roof warranty comes down to the competence of the contractors who are working on your roof. Keep in mind that Royalty Roofing offers the best roof manufacturers’ warranties and stand behind our work with our own 10-year workmanship warranty.

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