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March 11, 2014

Don't Replace That Old Metal Roof - Retrofit It!

It appears that despite winter's best efforts, spring will be arriving, more or less on schedule. If you're an owner or manager of a building with a structural standing seam roof, that might mean hoping that that your roof withstood Old Man Winter's assault - without getting any rustier or leakier. If you're looking at roofing options for your metal roof, think about retrofitting it with a single-ply system, rather than replacing it with another metal roof.

[half]This year might be the right time to turn this...

rusty-deck[/half][half]Into this...

IMG_1046 (2)[/half]

We've just published a new web page and created a new brochure - both of which discuss re-roofing options for metal roof decks. We invite you to click on the links here to learn more.


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