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August 11, 2015

Cool Roofing: Energy Savings is Great…and There’s More!

Last we checked, summertime was still in full swing, with much of the country experiencing typical summertime heat waves. High roof reflectivity can help keep commercial buildings cooler and reduce their energy consumption. As much as 40% less cooling energy may be needed for buildings that have highly-reflective roofs. For buildings that are already well-insulated, the energy savings may not be as significant, but cool roofing delivers several other benefits for these and less-well-insulated facilities:

Insulation can be more effective

Studies have shown that extremely high temperatures lower the effective R-value of the most widely used types of insulation. Cooler roof materials reduce the amount of heat that penetrates the surface, helping preserve the effectiveness of underlying insulation materials.

HVAC equipment can operate more efficiently

The air temperature can be 5-15 degrees cooler at an HVAC unit’s intake vent that’s 30 inches above a cool roof surface compared to a black surface. Rooftop HVAC units are often designed with efficiency ratings evaluated at 95°F. Rooftop temperatures on a black surface can reach 160°F or higher, meaning that HVAC units will not operate at peak efficiency.

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A white roof surface can reduce the cost of operating rooftop HVAC units because the units will take in cooler air than if they’re installed on a dark roof surface.

Roof substrate deterioration can be reduced

Ultraviolet and infrared radiation and moisture penetration accelerate roof substrate deterioration. A cool roofing system will reflect this radiation and help protect and preserve the substrate.

Lower indoor temperatures mean higher worker efficiency

Studies of worker performance in settings with machine operation and high physical activity reveal that productivity drops 10% at 84°F and as much as 38% at 95°F. In non-conditioned facilities, reflective roofing can moderate workspace temperatures (because less heat is transferred to the interior space), improving working conditions, and increasing employee productivity.

Royalty Roofing installs the Duro-Last® Cool Zone® roofing system for our customers who are interested in energy-saving roof solutions. We’ll make sure to engineer your new roofing system to be as beneficial as possible – in all respects. Complete and submit the form on this page, or give us a call at 800-303-8392 to learn more.


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