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April 11, 2018

Commercial Roof Inspections: Seasonal or Annual?

Routine roof inspections are a vital part of owning a commercial building. No matter where your building is situated, your roof is exposed to the elements full-time, including temperature extremes, rainfall, snowfall, an occasional heavy wind storm or even a hailstorm.

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The Duro-Last® PVC roofing systems that we specialize in are designed to endure a lot of extremes, but routine maintenance and inspections are still necessary. The question is, should you rely on seasonal inspections or can you get by with just an annual checkup?

Annual Roof Inspections

Every commercial structure should have its roof inspected at least once a year. That's the bare minimum, but it is adequate for most structures. If you skip an annual checkup, it means your roof could be going two full years without having a professional inspection -- and a lot can happen in that amount of time.

A leak that is undetected can lead to the formation of mold and/or bug infestation, for example. Bugs attract birds and other critters, and from there, minor problems can easily turn into major problems on a commercial roof if routine inspections and maintenance don't take place. An annual inspection allows problem spots to be identified early, when they are easier and cheaper to fix. The thought of having to shut your business down for several weeks for an emergency roof replacement should be enough incentive for most owners to keep an annual inspection scheduled on their calendar.

Seasonal Roof Inspections

Having a quarterly or seasonal roof inspection may be excessive for most commercial structures, but if the building in an area with frequent weather extremes, maybe not. We install and service commercial roofs across the continental United States, so we have seen it all when it comes to Mother Nature causing damage to roofs, from high winds to hailstorms. A heavy winter snowfall can put added stress on your roof as well. It is a good idea to schedule an inspection during the season immediately following a bad storm season, (or even immediately after a severe storm) to check for any potential damage or leaks so that they can be located and repaired immediately.

Every location is different when it comes to weather extremes, so the frequency of your inspections will depend a lot on that. Contact your local Royalty Roofing office for any questions about commercial roof maintenance or to schedule an inspection.

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