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May 13, 2019

Commercial Roof Damage from Animals

Your commercial building may not have an attic, but animals can still damage your roof if they’re looking for food or shelter. Raccoons, squirrels, insects and other animals will go a long way to seek out food or shelter. From rodents searching for a meal or safe place to sleep to insects that nest in potentially hazardous areas, here's what you should know about animals and your commercial roof.

Wasps and Hornets

They can find the smallest places to enter and can rapidly turn your facility into a nightmare. According to NC State Extension, paper wasps and related pests are particularly fond of tall structures and will build anywhere there is an eve or overhang. Once in, wasps and hornets can pose a risk to your staff, and the longer you take to notice and eradicate the nest, the worse it will be. Getting rid of the nest (as early as possible) then determining where they got in will help prevent an indoor hazard at your facility.

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If you see signs of rats or other furry pests, you need a roof inspection. If they've managed to access your facility via the roof, they could cause extensive, lasting damage to your structure. According to the University of California, both Roof Rats and Norway Rats are capable of climbing and chewing through materials ranging from copper to plastic. Once inside, their presence poses an obvious health and safety risk. If you spot the signs of a rodent problem, you should ensure they are not accessing your facility through a hole or other open spot on your roof.


Bird droppings are extremely acidic, and when they collect on a large, flat commercial roofing surface, they can corrode and damage the roof membrane. Birds also can nest in drainage systems, which can cause gutters to overflow, in turn creating potentially serious water penetration problems or even a collapse of the gutter. Birds have also been known to get into rooftop machinery, causing breakdowns and fires. Plus, when dried bird droppings get drawn into HVAC systems, they can foul the indoor air quality and pose health problems for staff and visitors.

Protect your Roof from Animal Damage

It’s up to a professional exterminator to rid your facility of these pests, and you can help in the effort by ensuring that all trees nearby are trimmed, making the roof less accessible to rodents. Inspecting your roof regularly will identify nests, access points and damage. Contact us today if you suspect you have an animal problem -- or any type of damage -- and we'll make your roof secure and watertight again.


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