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December 12, 2018

Clues That Might Indicate Your Commercial Roof Is at Risk for Leaks

There are many issues to monitor to keep your commercial roof in great shape and providing the watertight protection you need. Part of that includes making sure your commercial roof is undamaged and not leaking. Here are some clues that might indicate the possibility of leaks in your commercial roof.


Ponding Water

If you see ponding water in any area on top of your roof (not uncommon after a rain), that could lead to roof leaks. The roof should be properly constructed to channel water to drains or edges relatively quickly, but if not, standing water can penetrate even the smallest hole into the building interior. A commercial roofing professional has the materials and know-how to modify the roof surface and enable water to properly flow.

Flashings that Show Signs of Damage

Most commercial roofs have flashings that “connect” the transitions between horizontal and vertical surfaces (e.g., deck sheets to HVAC curbs). These are the areas that are most prone to leak problems. When flashing material or seams appear to be damaged, it’s a clue that the roofing system has been compromised. Obviously, the longer it takes to address the problem, the more risk there is for moisture to get in.

Blisters or Bubbles

The roofing membrane should not have bubbles or blisters in it. If it does, that could be a sign that there is trapped moisture. The moisture could come from condensation beneath the roof membrane or it could be penetrating from the outside via a leak. Blisters and bubbles also make the roof more susceptible to damage from high winds, so these issues should be addressed quickly.

Cracks, Tears, Breaks

Tears, cracks or breaks anywhere in the roof area are serious problems and need to be repaired immediately. These can be caused by branches falling from nearby trees or foot traffic, or they could just develop over time because the roof is aging. In this case, it might be more cost-effective for you to replace the old roof with a new one, instead of spending additional money on repairs.

Routine inspections and maintenance can go a long way in identifying and addressing potential problem areas and helping ensure long-term watertight protection for your facility. A commercial roofing professional can take care of leak problems and – if roof repairs are too extensive – can install a new one for you. If you’ve reached this point, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you.


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