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February 15, 2019

Can your Commercial Roof Help with Energy Efficiency?

Commercial buildings in the United States generate about 16% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced each year, according to the U.S. EPA. Improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by just 10% could yield up to $40 billion in cost savings. Even small improvements make a big difference and the right approach to your commercial roof could help slash your energy costs for your facility. Eco-conscious customers will also appreciate your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy consumption.

How does your roof impact your overall energy use? According to ENERGY STAR, the right roof can deflect up to 50% of the heat absorbed by your building. Dark color roofs absorb more heat than light colored ones (the same way a black t-shirt is hotter to wear in summer than a white one). During warm seasons throughout the US, a white, reflective commercial roof can lower cooling costs.

Interior Conditioning

When your facility is exposed to sunlight and does not reflect heat and rays away, the inside of your building will heat up. Your climate controls can help keep the heat down and allow your team to work in comfort – but your units will be working overtime and consuming abundant amounts of electricity as they struggle to keep the temperature down. When the sun’s rays are reflected, less heat enters your building from the roof, allowing your interior cooling systems to run more efficiently and reducing your consumption and costs.

HVAC Efficiency

White reflective roofing can significantly reduce your overall cooling costs because on hot days, the ambient air temperature around rooftop HVAC units is lower than the temperature surrounding units on a dark roof. Because of the temperature difference, your air conditioning units simply have to work harder and longer to get your facility cool if you have a dark roof.

bad roof hvac
A new reflective roofing system would improve this building's watertight integrity and help the HVAC unit run more efficiently in hot weather.

New Roofing Yields Savings

Reflective roofing is only part of the energy savings equation. According to Facility Executive magazine, a fresh new roof that also includes updated insulation has a significant impact on your comfort and climate control costs.

If you have an older roof, it’s unlikely to have the materials or level of insulation that will deliver significant energy efficiency. Updating your roof will not only give you more watertight integrity but could result in a reduction in your overall energy use and costs. Contact us to learn more about cutting your energy costs and selecting the right commercial roof for your needs.


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