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February 18, 2019

4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Commercial Roof Repairs

Your roof is an essential part of your commercial facility, and it should command prompt attention if repairs are needed. But you might be wise not to not DIY those projects, even if they seem minor. From the risk of falling to the lack of a warranty, here’s why it’s a good idea to bring in professional expertise, no matter how handy you are.



Probably the most significant reason of all is your safety and/or the safety of your team members attempting the repair. A commercial facility is generally much taller than a single-family home, and can have skylights, weak deck areas and other hazards. A fall from a commercial roof can be devastating, and the OSHA follow-up won’t be much fun, either. Commercial roofing companies typically have the proper equipment and training to mitigate these safety issues.


Unless you are a commercial roofing expert, you probably won’t have the correct tools and supplies on hand. Today’s commercial roofing systems are complex, and effective repairs require more than a nail gun and tar. If you attempt to repair your roof with the tools and materials you have on hand, you could end up creating more problems than you are solving.

Expertise and Training

You may have a significant talent for DIY projects at home, but a lot goes into a commercial roof that is different from other types of repair. Related to the equipment issue above, the roofing crews of reputable commercial contractors go through significant training and know how to deal with all aspects of the roof: the material, insulation, penetrations, perimeter, etc. A professional commercial roofer can make sure your freshly fixed roof is watertight for the years ahead.


Some materials may offer a warranty, provided they are installed properly, but can you meet the warranty requirements if you do your own work? When you work with a contractor that specializes in commercial roofing, you get not only the completed work but – if the contractor is reputable – a lasting workmanship guarantee as well.

Royalty Roofing leads the commercial roofing industry with service, attention to detail and a workmanship guarantee of 10 years – in addition to any manufacturer warranties offered. You can be sure that the job is completed safely and that you won’t have to wonder if the next big storm or cold weather snap will impact your roof ever again. Get in touch now to learn about the benefits of hiring a pro - - and stay safe and secure on the ground.


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