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March 19, 2018

4 Business Savvy Reasons to Choose PVC Roofing

Business owners typically have four primary quality considerations when investing in a new commercial roofing installation: longevity, sustainability, cost efficiency and energy efficiency. Because most commercial roofs are designed flat or low-slope installations, business owners find themselves with limited material options. However, PVC roofing—aka vinyl roofing—is currently the leading single-ply system used commercially in Europe, and its use is steadily on the rise in the US because—bottom line—it surpasses those aforementioned quality expectations. pvc roofing systems provide multiple benefits to commercial building owners and managers

Incredible Energy Efficiency

Saving energy means saving money and lessening your business’ carbon footprint. According to numerous energy studies, the fact that PVC roofing reflects sunlight and mitigates the effects of heat islands can help reduce energy expenses by 40 percent. This effect also improves insulation performance as much as 50 percent and can help extend the roof’s lifespan up to 75 percent. Rooftop equipment such as HVAC and other ventilation systems run more efficiently and require less maintenance for further energy savings.

Superior Eco-Friendliness & Sustainability

Through analysis of 26 life cycle assessments (LCAs), PVC roofing membranes have a proven sustainability track record for a number of reasons beyond their energy efficiency including:

- Pollution-elevating urban heat islands are mitigated with PVC.

- Waste is reduced with PVC throughout its entire life cycle and PVC roofing can even be directly installed over many old roofs.

- Many PVC roofing membranes are made from 50 percent or more of recycled materials, and most manufacturers offer post-recycling programs.

- Less waste goes to landfills, because these vinyl roofing systems last 20-30 years.

Extended Lifespan Through Resiliency

As mentioned previously, PVC’s reflective properties can help reduce substrate material deterioration by up to 75 percent, and they are inherently resistant to flame, chemicals and grease making them ideal for even industrial type commercial structures. PVC is waterproof, so it never rots, corrodes or rusts. Utilizing a mechanical fastening system enables these roofing systems to successfully withstand most high wind events and temperature extremes.

Unsurpassed Cost Efficiency

With such a positive life cycle assessment confirming a long life span and its amazing energy efficiency, it’s no doubt that PVC roofing can help most businesses save money. PVC roofing is very affordable when compared to counterparts, and repairs only generally require patches or seam repairs. As an added bonus, there’s money to be saved on removing old roofing by using PVC that can be applied over old systems.

In all, there are good reasons to give strong consideration to a PVC or vinyl roofing system. You’ll save money, spend less time on repairs, and reduce your environmental impact while your roof keeps your business operating out of the elements.


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